The key to happiness is maintaining harmony between body and soul.This is why taking care of our fitness is so important. It not only helps
us shape a healthy and attractive physique, it also boosts our cardiovascular and immune systems, and produces happiness
hormones. In this combination, exercise helps us to deal with negative emotions and to become stronger and more resilient.

SPA Card 12* 49€/Month       //   SPA Card 24* 39€/Month       //   SPA MCard 59€/1 month pass

One-time entry 2h/10€     //  All-day entry 15€ 

*in price:

Two Fitness Rooms Finnish sauna
Pool Aqua Fitness
Great Discounts for other Zones  
  • Jogging
  • Body Workout
  • Ballett
  • Bauch-Beine-Po

Personal training:

1 training 75€ 3 trainings 210€
5 trainings 345€ 10 trainings 650€

*valid for 3 months

The training is carried out under my supervision, which allows me to initially analyse your movement pattern and current level of fitness.
Based on these two factors, I develop a customized training plan.

During our first meeting we will also take the first measurement

 Individual selection of dietary supplements
 Personal Training and Dietetic Plans
(BMI, circuits, weight and height), which during our cooperation will
be repeated (once every two weeks). Our customized exercise and
nutrition plan, which involves tweaking and adapting on a continual
basis, helps you achieve faster initial and long-term fitness results.

Depending on your needs, we will select and implement the appropriate training for you:

  • Weight-loss training and body-fat reduction
  • Building mass and muscular strength
  • Training that will shape, firm and strengthen the muscles
  • Functional training with the use of TRX , Kettlebell and elements of stretching
  • Outdoor training
  • Running training for beginners, preparation for the Half Marathon and for running with obstacles "Mudiator Run";
  • Preparing for fitness tests;
  • 50+ training;
  • Individual selection of dietary supplements;
  • Personal Training and Diet  Plans.


  • continuous motivation;
  • individual approach;
  • movement pattern correction;
  • focusing the training on a given goal or a specific sport discipline;
  • continuous control and monitoring during the entire training;
  • properly selected exercises and training intensity depending on the level of advancement.